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The Dupont Circle Lifestyle

No matter if you're cozying up during the crisp chill of autumn, standing in the fresh-fallen snow of winter, or soaking in the warm sunshine and verdant foliage of spring and summer, Dupont Circle is constantly alive with activity. Although our community is small, the passionate residents of these storied streets never settle for anything less than the best—even when it comes to local events.

Christmas Caroling Photo courtesy of @fdabear
Christmas caroling is a time-honored tradition that immerses communities in the holiday spirit. Such was the case in Dupont Circle this past winter where acapella harmonies mingled with crisp winter weather, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Dog Portrait Party
In July, Jeff Wilson and family invited neighbors to their Dupont Circle home for a Dog Portrait event. The neighborhood is already known for being super dog-friendly. But on this warm summer day, humans and their canine companions posed for pictures in the front garden, the perfect way to capture such a special bond. Click to view.
Cops and Coffee
The first Wednesday in October is National Cops with Coffee Day. It’s a great opportunity for police officers and the communities they serve to build relationships over a hot cup of Joe. In Dupont Circle, local cops and residents sat down at Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar, engaging in conversation, one cup at a time.
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin patches are popular for families, kids and single millennials searching for the perfect specimens to carve into jack-o’-lanterns. But why not turn your own front yard into a pop up pumpkin patch event? This actually happened at Jeff Wilson’s home on October 19, 2019, as friends, colleagues and neighbors were invited for an afternoon of festivities, colorful gourds and caramel apples!